How the prominence of death and violence is effecting young people

1000 word report on ‘How death and violence in Movies today effect an audience’. Must contain in text referencing and at least 3 academic sources and the headings and guidelines in the attached guidelines must be followed closely. This website keeps automatically canceling for not being a technical paper or something?
The second part of your group presentation is an individual research report.
Research reports offer a structured approach to presenting your research and findings, which you will then contribute to your group.
A research report normally makes use of a large number of sections or subheadings. As your report is only 1000 words, we have simplified this for you.
For this task, we will be looking for the following structure:
Introduction (what you have researched, and why)
Literature Review (the key sources you have looked at; the other relevant research in the field, and why you have included it).
Results/Discussion (what your sources highlight about your topic; what they may indicate is missing; how they prove, or disprove your research question).
Conclusion/Recommendations (a summary of what you discovered about the topic, and any ideas about what should be done to resolve this issue, as a result of your research).
Reference List (there should be accurate Harvard, in text referencing throughout your report; the report requires a reference list of all sources used at the end).
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