How would you scaffold this instruction for newcomer ELLs?

This is for a discussion post, does not have be long. Paragraph for each question is more than enough.
1) Using figure 7.8 from the text as a baseline, design a similar version using specific examples of writing prompts from your own curriculum or academic service learning class. How would you scaffold this instruction for newcomer ELLs?
2) Using figure 7.3, assess what one of your own students already knows in the content area. First, identify his/her prior education and then assess the background knowledge. What next steps would you plan for this student (refer to Figure 7.7 to support your planning)? Figures provided 3) NYC is using the Danielson rubric to guide instruction and assessment. Look at Domain 3 (Instruction) What evidence can you provide to ensure that your own students are actively engaged in their own learning? Give specific examples from your own classroom or Academic service learning experience. Using the framework, provide specific evidence related back to your teaching detailing why your instruction should be rated as highly effective. The writing prompt can be made up to, there is no specific writing prompt. Whatever best fits the assignment.