HRM520 Week 2 discussion “DBMS and System Implementation”

Review the video titled “SCOPE…explaining SaaS”(3 min 33 s) and review the video titled “Top Ten HR Software Systems” (8 min 37 s) . Next, use the Internet to research to “software as service” programs for small businesses. Then, evaluate two different “software as a service” or SAAS solutions that could be used for an HR department of a small business (fewer than 500 employees) that sells office equipment. Compare the services provided by each one and then propose one that would provide the most value to the company. Be sure to justify your selection. Review the video titled “Hybrid IT – Integrating SaaS and Legacy Systems”(2 min 5 s). Next, imagine the following scenario: a local company is going to replace its legacy system with an eHR-based solution to improve recruiting and hiring efforts, both internally and externally. Formulate one strategy that could be used to mitigate the unanticipated consequences that job seekers typically experience from eHR-based recruiting systems. Provide specific examples to support your response.

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