The two links above are the instruction and rubric.
Before submitting your assignment, please read and affirm the integrity checklist:
I have checked over the academic integrity checklist included in the syllabus and confirmed that I am respecting the University of Toronto academic integrity policies. I have used quotations marks for any direct quotation of three or more words in length and referenced all ideas (including those that I have paraphrased) appropriately using the suggested (simplified) APA style. I have not made up sources, referenced ideas inappropriately (for instance, falsely attributed something to a source), or included references that I did not use.
Inline citations with page numbers are included wherever I cite readings, lectures, or other published sources (and even when I have not directly quoted the source). My paper cites at least the minimum number of sources specified. (The best papers will draw on a greater diversity of course sources and may also include additional academic references or optional readings.)
I have not used generative AI to write this paper (other than for research purposes as described in the syllabus).
I have saved my file with a name that follows the file-naming convention described and am submitting the final version (not a draft) of my paper: LastnameFirstname-Assignment2-[Option] where [Option] is either Meditation OR Film.
I have proofread my paper (it is helpful to read reflections out loud to catch errors) and analysed it using the assignment rubric to ensure that I am handing in my best work possible.
I have made sure that the copy I am submitting in the final version, not an earlier draft, of my paper.

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