This week we have studied emerging
This week we have studied emerging
This week we have studied emerging technology theatre that breaks a lot of the traditional structures. Think back to BIG LOVE and it’s more traditional play structure and answer the following questions.
1) What happens at the climax of the play? (The one event/moment/crisis that forever changes the world in the play. It can be thought of as the “no turning back” moment. HINT… the climax USUALLY happens approximately 3/4 of the way or more through the play.)
2) What is the reasoning for your choice? (Does this one moment or event that you have identified shift the entire play and put it on its side? How has this moment forever changed the lives of the characters and how they now, “can’t go back”?)
3) Select one stage direction in the play and articulate how/why the stage direction is necessary in order for the reader to fully understand the play. Provide both the full stage direction, as well as your explanation regarding the necessary information within the stage direction itself.
4) How would you define the structure of this play? Does it feel like a climactic structure (like how Aristotle describes the exposition, rising action, climax, falling action, denouement in our Week 1 lesson)? Episodic? Circular? Serial? Something else? Select the one that best describes BIG LOVE and support your choice with two examples.

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