1- What does the term ‘germs’

1- What does the term ‘germs’ usually refer to? 
2- What do all germs have in common? 
3- Define the term ‘modes of transmission’ and give an example. 
4- What is a major disadvantage to a virus, if it replicates too much, too quickly? 
5- If there’s too little of a virus, what is a disadvantage (to the virus) if you don’t experience any symptoms? 
6- List the characteristics of a successful virus. 
7- What does the trade-off hypothesis predict for rhinovirus? 
8- Why does the malaria virus do not require a mobile host? 
9- What can we do to minimize the harmfulness of infectious diseases? —————-
 Read the case study  (( Managing Infectious Diseases.pdf)) and answer the questions provided in the file uploaded called ECEonlineHW.  

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