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This paper is designed to help students demonstrate application of knowledge of human behavior and the social environment, person-in-environment, and other multidisciplinary theoretical frameworks in understanding a social problem and identifying corresponding research and theory-informed intervention strategies to promote functioning and social justice. Address all the guidelines below to complete this assignment:

1. Psychosocial Problem (4 pts)
Identify a psychosocial problem experienced by a population of your choice and define the problem and explain its scope, symptoms, causes, risk and protective factors at the dimension of the person and environment, consequences and current interventions. Examples could include depression, post-traumatic stress disorder, poverty, substance abuse.

2. Theories (4 pts)
Identify three theories that you think will be most useful at understanding your identified psychosocial problem. State each theory’s big ideas and what it says about human behavior and the social environment.

3. Theory Informed Assessment of Social Problem (5 pts)
Having summarized your psychosocial problem and three theories of choice, integrate the in- formation you have in Sections 1 and 2 of your paper to develop a theory informed assessment of the social problem using the listed guidelines:

What kinds of questions might each theory lead you to ask to understand an individual experiencing your chosen psychosocial problem? In your response consider how the questions might differ at the person and environment dimensions.
Toward what issues about the problem at the person dimension does each theory direct your attention?
Toward what issues about the problem at the environment dimension does each theory direct your attention?

4. Theory Informed Interventions (5 pts)
Drawing from your theory-based problem analysis in Section 3, identify theory informed interventions at the micro and macro levels. There should be alignment between your chosen interventions and your assessment in Section 3. Summarize the main elements of each theory informed intervention. Describe the possible interactions between specific aspects of the intervention and the social problem that explain why the intervention works. You are expected to search evidence-based databases and peer-reviewed intervention journal articles for possible interventions consistent with your theory and psychosocial issue.

5. Reflection (3 pts)
Now that you have identified research and theory informed interventions for your psychosocial issue, in your opinion do you think the theory informed interventions are consistent with the NASW Code of Ethics? Give reasons for your answer.

What adjustments might you need to make as you apply theory to understand the problem at two distinct life stages e.g. childhood and middle adulthood. In your response discuss how the social problem might play out at different life stages and resultant considerations, if any related to the focus areas, possible assessment questions, and resultant intervention strategies?

APA Format (2 points)
Paper adheres to APA citation rules All information that does originate from your brain must be appropriately cited in text. Your paper must have a Reference page. Additionally, every citation in your paper must be referenced on your reference page. Deductions will be made if not. Plagiarized work receives zero points and possible Academic Honor Code charges.

Grammar (2 points)
Paper has few or no errors in mechanics, usage, grammar, or spelling. Word choices are appropriate for graduate-level course.

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