Human Resources Manager for Epic Health Solutions.

Remember that you are the Human Resources Manager for Epic Health Solutions. It is now important to pay the new Claims Supervisor position competitively, provide fair benefits, and state (according to labor relations laws) whether or not the position would be in a labor union.
In a 2-3 page report, prepared in APA format with at least two credible references, do the following:
Explain what job evaluation method you are going to use to determine the worth of this position.
Discuss why it’s important to take a fair approach to creating a salary and benefits package.
Describe what you would consider to be unethical and what are you doing to ensure that the company is upholding ethical practices when creating salary offerings.
Describe what your recommended salary and benefits package is going to be and if you recommend any incentives or bonus plans.
Finish your report by stating if this job is eligible to be in the union. Explain why or why not.
Include your APA formatted reference page with your 2 credible sources.

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