HUMANITIES In Unit 4, the ideas of faith and religious expression were explored

In Unit 4, the ideas of faith and religious expression were explored

In Unit 4, the ideas of faith and religious expression were explored from multiple perspectives. It is a common theme in the Humanities to be driven to find a path to divine truth which are expressed in what are considered organized religions. In this assignment, you will share a spiritual journey that leads to or participates in one of the major or minor religions presented in Unit 4. It can be your own spiritual journey, a friend or family member, or even a favorite character in a film or book, but it must narrate a spiritual journey from unbelief to belief in a specific religion or religious system.
Think of this artifact as a symbol of the power of spiritual belief within your own life. How does your faith impact those around you? Does the moral tenets making up your religious system help you to be a model employee, a trusted friend, a helpful partner?
Present:a spiritual journey in narrative form. Remember, this artifact represents the power of spiritual belief and the reason we celebrate all religions in the Humanities. It is about the journey. How did you or the person whose journey you are sharing get from Point A of unbelief to Point B of belief? Was it another person’s testimony, sacred scripture, a spiritual awakening experience, etc., that led to belief? That is the journey to present in your artifact (2 or more well-developed paragraphs).
Analyze:the ‘how’ and the ‘why’ this religion impacts yourself and others. Do the moral tenets of the religious system help you or others to be model employees or more trusted friends, or helpful to family and loved ones? What does submission to the Divine bring to the soul (peace, assurance, comfort, etc.) (1 or more well-developed paragraphs)?
Reflect:on what religion means to you now that you have completed Unit 4 and learned about other types of religions. Think about how having a deeper understanding of the similarities and differences the religions share strengthens your own beliefs. (1 or more well-developed paragraphs)
For this assignment, you can use either MS Word or create a Powtoon or YouTube video. Note that your MS word document must include several images or pictures that illustrate your written statements in the same way you will use images in your Powtoon or YouTube video presentations.
Please see the tutorials available here for help creating the video.
In your own words, address the following requirements.
Be sure to exceed a minimum of 125 words for each requirement to ensure thorough depth and detail is utilized in demonstrating your understanding of the answer
Define and explain Say’s Law
Define and explain Keynes’ Law
Define Aggregate Supply and, using the AS Curve, explain the relationship between Price and Real GDP.
Describe different factors that might make consumers more confident and thus more apt to spend money and explain how this causes a shift in AD and the GDP.
There are four components of the GDP; for each component, identify one reason for a decrease in Aggregate Demand and explain how this change affects AD; (please exceed a minimum of 100 words to address each component)Consumption
Net Exports
Submit a Word Document containing your assignment and the following APA requirements:
900 words minimum
APA Requirements1” inch margins
Times New Roman 12 pt font
In-text Citations
Title Page
Reference Page and in-text citations

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