I chose frank Lloyd wright In this section, you will introduce the creator and

I chose frank Lloyd wright
In this section, you will introduce the creator and

I chose frank Lloyd wright
In this section, you will introduce the creator and give an overview of their creative work.
Describe the cultural values and perspectives that have influenced the creator. Consider the following:
Who is the creator?
How do time and location influence the creator?
What was happening in society that relates to the creator’s work?
What are the unique life experiences that impact the creator’s work?
Explain the relationship between your own cultural values and perspectives and those of your chosen creator.
What connections exist between your values and perspectives and those of the creator?
Explain how the creator’s transmission of their creative work impacts how the audience interprets the work’s message. Consider the following:
What are the ways that the creator gets the work out to an audience?
How does technology affect the audience’s experience of a creative work?
How is the audience’s understanding of the creative work shaped by the means of transmission?
Describe the multiple layers of meaning in the creator’s work.
How are cultural experiences represented in the creator’s work?
What to Submit
Submit your project draft as a 1- to 2-page Microsoft Word document with 12-point Times New Roman font, double spacing, and one-inch margins. Keep in mind that for your project, you must use a minimum of three sources from the Shapiro Library. Use at least one source in this project draft. Be sure to follow APA citation guidelines when citing sources both throughout your paper and at the end. Although Brightspace allows the addition of video notes in assignment submissions, you may not use the Video Note tool to complete this assignment.
Supporting Materials
The following resources will support your work on this assignment:
Resource: Project Guidelines and Rubric
This resource provides an overview of the project.
Resource: Project Resources
This resource provides a list of creators and a Shapiro Library link to a research starter for general information and recommended resources.
Shapiro Library Guide: APA Style
This webpage from the SNHU Shapiro Library will be a great resource as you cite the sources you are using throughout this course.
Note: You can also find the Project Guidelines and Rubric and the Project Resources document in the Assignment Information area of this course.

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