I have a transcript I need help filling out I need assistance with filling out t

I have a transcript I need help filling out
I need assistance with filling out t

I have a transcript I need help filling out
I need assistance with filling out this transcript. Please start from Part B and please complete to page 8.
I have attached examples to help complete under “Competency guide”
The transcript needs to be complete with examples related to me assisting with HIV contracts when I worked for Department of Health
Below is my job experience:
The Prevention and Health Promotion Administration (PHPA) mission is to improve the health of Marylanders by reducing the transmission of the infectious diseases, helping impacted persons live longer, healthier lobes, and protecting individuals and communities from environmental health hazards. PHPA works in partnership with local health departments, providers, community based organizations, and public and private sector agencies to provide public health leadership in the prevention, control, monitoring, and treatment of infectious diseases and environmental health hazards.
The Center for HIV Prevention and Health Services, a service unit of PHP, provides essential programs and services for people living with and affected by HIV disease and help HIV+ persons live longer, healthier lives. The Center’s major service programs include the Ryan White Part B, the Housing Opportunities for people with AIDS (HOPWA) initiatives and targeted statewide patient service programs, notably, the Minority AIDS initiative, rural seropositive clinics, and projects to reduce perinatal transmission of HIV. This is a professional level grants and contracts position for HIV/AIDS services sate wide. This position serves as the grants and contracts monitor to assigned local health departments, institutions and other agencies regarding the care of HIV seropositive individuals funded via contracts, unified grant awards and Interagency Agreements. The position is responsible for fiscal monitoring, grants, and contracts administration and oversight, and the analysis and review of application and award budgets, modifications, reductions and/or supplements for PHPA funded vendors. Vendors include local health departments and sub vendors of PHPA funded HIV/AIDs programs. The position will assist in monitoring the status of grants and contracts from the initial award to the completion of services, disbursements of funds and final close out of the awards. In addition, the position analyzes and reviews all year end budget reports and makes recommendations to resolve fiscal inaccuracies.
I have a guide that gives examples
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The information needs to be in relation to assisting with HIV contracts
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MAq6TYqkFpE video with similar information

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