I have an Android application and i need to add couple features. i need to be able to see the implementations in the emulator

If you use a database to store your app’s data, expect 15 points. Using Firebase Auth does not count as a database.
Network Backend
If you have a shared database between instances of your app, such as hosting a MySQL server that is accessed directly by your app, expect 5 points.
Firebase Cloud Storage will be 15 points.
If you have written a REST API, expect 20 points.
Design Patterns
Singleton – expect 1 point
Factory – expect 5 points
Command – expect 8 points
Facade – 2 points
Dependency Injection
If you have made light use of dependency injection, expect 5 points. If you have used it throughout the entire app, expect 15 points.
If you have made light use of Kotlin (a few classes), expect 3 points. If you have used it throughout the entire app, expect 15 points
Social Media/ alternative login methods
If you add the ability to login with Facebook, Google, etc, expect 5 points for the first service then 1 point per additional service. Using email/password with Firebase Auth doesn’t count.
Push notifications / AJAX – 5 points
Email password recovery – 5 points
Fuzzy search for items – 2 points
Guest user – 2 points
Admin lock/unlock – 3 points
Lockout after 3 failed tries – 3 points
Use of location services (using the device’s GPS data) – 5 points
Google Maps (for directions) – 3 points
Graphs – 2 points each

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