I have completed HW 7 and 8. I ONLY NEED HW 9 completed. – – HW 9 is to help you

I have completed HW 7 and 8. I ONLY NEED HW 9 completed.

HW 9 is to help you

I have completed HW 7 and 8. I ONLY NEED HW 9 completed.

HW 9 is to help you put together the second half of your essay–where you finally get to discuss what you want to really want to talk about.
Remember, the more you do on this, the more you will be working towards your final draft.
Here’s what you need to do:
1. Remind your readers of the what your topic is.
2. What was the conversation you have had about a topic with someone? Who was that person? What did you talk about?
3. What was your gap in knowledge? Write in one sentence using Koenig’s as a template:
“My knowledge of Ho-Chunk history had some gaps.” (paragraph 33)
My knowledge of ___________________ had some gaps.
4. What have you learned? There should be a shift in your paper to what you really want to talk about. What do you really want to talk about? What have you learned about your topic since? This can be a list for now Stats? Expert testimony, Research?
5. Name the problem for which you seek change.
6. What is your call to action?
7. Upload 2-4 photos you want to include.
8. HYPERLINK 3-5 outside sources you are thinking of using.

This discussion board is created to help you think about the story you will use to begin your paper, to think about how you will narrow your topic, and to think about what background info you will need to give to your reader after you tell your story.
1. Write out a possible title for your paper. The title should reflect your topic.
3. Tell YOUR story. Don’t forget the who, what, and where. Use as much exact language as you can. Make sure your story is narrow and specific. You can make an outline here or write it out in paragraph form. Don’t forget about to use dialogue as needed!
4. From your story, what is your narrowed topic?
5. What background info do you need to give next for us readers to better understand your topic?
6. What are two or three sources you have found on your background info?
1. Witnessing a Nationwide Epidemic Unveil
2. When I was in high school, I noticed a popularity increase in electric cigarettes. Every time I would go to the bathroom, there would be vapes around and discussing if they have different flavors or not, I have seen countless of my friends try these vapes and whoever took a hit, enjoyed it. They always mentioned how it was so cold in the throat (due to the mint flavor) or how they could taste the mangos when they blew the smoke out (mango flavor). I then began to realize that my friends are not only smoking and trying the vape out (two or three hits) but are now purchasing their own. There were and still are disposable vapes, these peaked in popularity since they are very discrete to hide and do not smell like anything. I also fell victim to trying these vapes out due to peer pressure and my friends constantly bugging me to try to get “buzzed.” Getting “buzzed” is a feeling after you take a couple of hits it leaves you lightheaded, it is kind of like a high in itself. I wondered how good this was for my health and with a little research, I quickly found out these were detrimental to my well-being.
3. My topic will be the health effects of e-cigarette use and the rise of popularity among the youth. I will also talk about the addiction of nicotine and how that will affect a person’s life.
4. I will start off by educating the reader on how addictive and the detremneital health effects nicotine has on the body. I will also talk about the rise of e-cigarette use among teens by providing statistics that prove the popularity of them. Also, I will talk about how there is not many studies done on vapes and how it is very dangerous since we do not know the full effects of them.
5. The sources I will use:

For Project 3, you get to essay on a topic of your choice. In order for your topic to be manageable, it should be about something you already know something about, want to explore and learn further on, and, most importantly, something you are interested in.
Your topic should not be too big (remember your memoir). Think small! Your topic can relate to your career, studies, outside interests, as long as it is something you are passionate about.
Here’s what you need to do for this DB HW:
1. What is your topic?
2. What story will you tell in your intro to build your situated ethos and get your readers’ attention.
3. What do you already know about your topic?
4. Why does this topic matter to you?
5. Why should this topic matter to your fellow students?
6. What are three outside sources you have found on your topic? List author, title, publication, date, and URL.
1. My topic will be the nationwide epidemic of teen e-cigarette use.
2. I will open up and share details of my personal life and how I used to see e-cigarette use in high school. I will also share how I have been offered multiple times when I would use the bathroom. I believe these experiences built my ethos in this situation since I have witnessed it with my own eyes.
3. I have a broad understanding of this epidemic. I know that one of the main causes is the flavored vapes that appeal to the youth with fruity ingredients added to the vape. Also, these vapes contain nicotine in them which is very addictive. This is added but our youth does not seem to care since there are flavors named “Blueberry Ice” for example which can appeal to the youth.
4. This topic matters to me because we do not know the long-term effects of these vapes and the chemicals inside. Some of the people I know have fallen into this hole and are now addicted. I do not want to see people I have known for all my life have lung cancer in ten years.
5. This topic should matter to my classmates since they can be affected by this too or their friends. This should not be normalized within our youth and we need to make sure we put a stop to this. I also want to spread awareness to the people who are not as informed about this topic.

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