I need a 10-minute presentation/PowerPoint created. Use the files to aid the com

I need a 10-minute presentation/PowerPoint created. Use the files to aid the com

I need a 10-minute presentation/PowerPoint created. Use the files to aid the completion of the assignment.
Provide a 10-minute oral account of what you learned during this course, including the work you completed for your client and increased understanding of the field and practices of Public Relations.

Part I. Client Work
Show, describe and discuss the work that you completed for your client.
Include the following, in your summary:Client name and specifics (location, size, business activity)
What your research about the client revealed, and how this informed your work
Presentation of your News Release. Discuss the edits you made based on feedback you received on your submission for Assignment #2
Discussion of the other tactical PR recommendations for your client.

Part II. Career Reflection

What career insights did you gain through the coursework of CMS 3560 – Introduction to Public Relations?
Discuss TWO things you learned about Public Relations (think readings, lectures, experiential learning and observations). Write a paragraph for each of these two areas of learning. Be sure to provide specific citations and sources.
How will what you learned help you in the future?
Identify and discuss a current public relations (or PR-related) job listing that interests you, or for which you would consider applying, now, or in the future.Share the actual listing on screen
Discuss what interests you about the position
Identify qualifications, experience or skills that you already possess that match the job’s description
Identity qualifications, experience or skills that you would need to gain to become better qualified for this position, and how you would go about gaining these.
Research the salary expectation norms for such a position, based on geography and company size, and your years of experience (You can use Bureau of Labor Statistics or Salary.com, or similar site for this)

Presentation Expectations:
You must have your camera active and share your visual aids in this presentation.
Upload your presentation materials to the D2L dropbox by the date of your presentation.
As much as possible, treat this as you would a professional presentation, in terms of your preparedness, manner and attire.
This is a good opportunity to practice your virtual presentation skills, which are increasingly important in a world of online work.
Use extemporaneous delivery (prepared and conversational: you can use your notes, but should be able to present dynamically and conversationally with your audience)
You may use PowerPoint or other visual aid software/platform if you so desire
Please keep to the time limit of 10 minutes
Point Allocation
Points Possible
Points Awarded

Part I – Client Work

a+b. Client + research

c. News release + edits

d. Other tactics

Part II – Career Reflection

1. Career insights

2. Two PR insights

3. Future application

4. Job listing + analysis

Presentation: preparedness, extemporaneous, tech.


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