In the post-assessment, after you review my notes on the food journal part 1, yo

In the post-assessment, after you review my notes on the food journal part 1, you will record your eating and physical activity habits for one more day. Then, you must complete 1 NEW ″food intake″ form and one NEW ″physical activity″ form. In other words, you will repeat what you did during the baseline assessment. If your health status hasn′t changed (e.g., you become pregnant or have a new health problem), you don′t need a new ″MyPlate Plan″ from the website. Once you have recorded and analyzed your food intake and physical activity, you must write a post-assessment analysis comparing your baseline assessment results (1st journal) with the post-assessment (2nd journal). In addition, you will refer to your plan on the baseline assessment write-up from part 1 and see if you followed it. Finally, you update the professor on your progress, including your ″action plan″ from the food journal part 1 results. If you didn′t have an action plan at your baseline assessment in Part 1, write it now and include it with your post-assessment (part 2) in two separate documents. Once you have compared your food intake in Part 1 with your food intake in Part 2, you are ready to write the post-assessment write-up paper. It must include the following:
Discuss the difference between your baseline (part 1) and post-assessment (part 2) results. In other words, have you improved or regressed from your ″action plan″? How?
What changes did you make (or not) in your eating habits since you started recording what you eat? Be specific and explain.
Discuss your BMI and if there is any change. Do you want to change your current weight? Why?
Are you following your eating and exercise plan/goals? If not, what are the barriers that you are still facing? How can you try to overcome these barriers?
The post-assessment write-up section should be one page with an average margin and font of 12.
You need to submit all three documents to get full credit (33 points):
1. One new physical activity form (different from the 1st one)
2. One new food intake form. MAKE SURE THE FORM IS CORRECTLY ANALYSED AND COMPLETE. (DO NOT use the same one from the 1st part)
3. One full-page (regular margins/font 12) Post-assessment write-up

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