Inequality in Special Education Funding

This paper will mainly focus on American school systems but also touch apon other countries as well. Also include personal view (I think that there is inequality between regular ed and special ed funding and funding between schools) Some information i was able to find:
Educational inequality begins with the way schools are funded.
In America about 90% for the funding for town schools is brought in on taxes paid by the residents, but usually based sole on property taxes and,
The federal government chips in about 8 to 9 percent of school budgets nationally,
So for places that are more low income and poverty ridden areas their property taxes are much lower causing funding inequalities in schools between towns
For an example in Connecticut Greenwich spends $6,000 more per pupil per year than Bridgeport does, according to the State Department of Education. Greenwich being a much more wealthy town then Bridgeport. These towns only being approximately 35 minuets away from each other have such emence differences in funding for their schools
This brings me to funding for special education. The lower income areas will have less funding for students who have learning disabilities. Students who need extra help and services will not receive the absolute best education possible for what their needs are.
About 70% of all special education costs are covered by local funding
Yet, when the state revamped the way it funded districts several years ago, students with disabilities were not taken into account, unless they happened to fall into another vulnerable category, such as being low-income, homeless or an English learner.

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