Instructions Objective: Critique various factors that contribute to personality

Objective: Critique various factors that contribute to personality

Objective: Critique various factors that contribute to personality development.
You may have already made a previous assumption that personality formation is not a complex process. Many of you may feel that we are born with our personalities, and to a certain degree, that perspective is valid. However, personality formation is birthed from both nature and nurture. The complex interplay of genetics and experience shapes personality. As you read Chapter 15, you will learn more about the many factors that shape personality development.
Before we move into personality theories, you need a basic understanding of the many factors and influences that mold personality.
Read Chapter 15: Personality in Perspective.
Read What is Psychology?
Complex Personality Formation Powerpoint:
Design a 7-page PowerPoint presentation that contains a voice overlay for each slide of content. The seven-page requirement does not include the cover and reference pages. The voice overlay is not required on the reference page.
Reference the directions for using voice overlay in PowerPoint: How to add narration to your PowerPoint presentation.
When you summarize information from the textbook, please cite the slide. Some of the content in this presentation should be supported by the textbook.
Each of the seven factors presented in this slide should have a coordinating graphic. Cite the graphics used in this presentation according to APA expectations. The graphic/slide should be cited and a full APA citation on the reference page.
If you include information in the presenter’s notes, please drop your instructor a note in Brightspace so they can download your presentation.
Your Powerpoint should be inclusive of the following elements:
Cover Page:
Name, Title of Assignment, Course #, Date
Genetic Factor:
Describe how you feel that genetics (nature) shaped your personality. Provide 2 examples to support your perspective.
Environmental Factor:
Share at least 2 pivotal environmental factors (nurture) that shaped your personality to date.
Learning Factor:
Explain how the learning factor has shaped your personality formation. How has your education at OCU shaped you?
Parental Factor:
Appraise how your parents’ childrearing methods impacted your personality formation. Give 2 examples to support this slide.
Developmental Factor:
Considering your emotional, intellectual, and physical development, how have these factors shaped your personality to date?
Consciousness Factor:
Appraise how the conscious mind influences personality formation. Can the consciousness factor intersect with your spiritual walk to transform your personality? Do we have to make a conscious effort to accept Christ and allow Him to shape our personality for His glory?
Unconsciousness Factor:
Propose how unconscious influences can mold your personality. Are you concerned about how the unconscious mind shapes your personality? Why or why not?
Reference page (Minimum requirements: Cite the textbook and graphics cited in this presentation).
All written assignments should be formatted using APA. For the current OCU APA Template, click the Student Toolkit in the top navigation bar and view the APA: Citation and Formatting Help page.

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