Interview a local attorney

Our 1st project of the quarter gives us a chance to explore how the law works out in the real world and exposes you to resources that you might use in the future. This 1st project of this quarter offers you a choice on how you can learn and be successful.
It is my hope that this attorney will have some portion of his/her practice dedicated to business issues. During your interview you must acquire the following minimum information:
The answer to the following questions:
1. What is the main focus of the attorney’s practice? Is this a solo, small, medium, or large size law firm?
Answer: Small firm focusing on Criminal Defense, Wrongful Death, and Personal Injury.
2. What size of businesses does the lawyer represent?
Answer: We represent everyone from individuals to large, well-known corporations.
3. Is there a legal issue that seems to be most common in the business practice of the attorney you are interviewing?
Answer: One of the most common legal issues I see is that clients are uninformed about their options. Many clients do not know the many different options they have. Without the power of information, clients cannot make an educated decision, which is why I have devoted my life to educating the masses about their rights.
4. What do you like most about working with business clients?
Answer: The best part of my job is helping those who truly need it and seeing the difference I’ve made in their lives. It is a truly rewarding experience.
5. What do you like least about working with business clients?
Answer :Working with business clients is never the issue. It’s working with opposing counsel that can get ugly sometimes.
6. Do you litigate more often that you use alternative dispute resolution? Why?
Answer: If we can resolve the issue and still ensure the success of our clients business, then there is not always a need for litigation. If it happens that we believe our clients deserve more, then we will fight for our clients to get what they deserve.
Whichever choice you make should result in you producing a summary paper that includes a heading, your name, the name of our class (BUS 201), and the name of the project (“The Interview”) and the answer to the relevant questions posed in the assignment outline above, as well a summary of your thoughts and findings. This paper should be 300-400 words in length. Your summary must be typed in a double-spaced format. Use Arial or Times New Roman font. Please check closely for spelling, punctuation, and grammar errors when doing your final edit/review of your paper. Scan and attach the relevant business card to your paper. Uploading the business card as a second document is acceptable.

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