Intro WGST Take-Away Assignment

Intro WGST Take-Away Assignment
What, for you, was an important concept/idea/argument that you will take away from this class?  Write an approximate 500-750 word essay that
(a) describes the concept/idea/argument;
(b) presents it in the context it was learned in the class;

  1. c) explains why the concept/idea/argument has expanded your knowledge about Women’s and Gender Studies in ways that help you meet your intellectual/personal goals;
  2. d) discusses how you will “act” on this take-away. For instance, will you do activism around this issue, or take more classes in this area, or begin watching movies and TV shows differently, or paying more attention to gender equity in your workplace , or how to raise your children, etc etc?

The paper must include a reference to at least one course reading or film. This course reading can be one of the numbered readings, or it can be a section in one of the chapter introductions. You can, of course, reference more than one reading assignment in the paper.

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