Introduction to Business (GEB 1011) Course Paper

Course Paper Guidelines
Introduction to Business (GEB 1011)
One of the required aspects of this course is to complete a Course Project. This project is to be a comprehensive written assignment. You may use your text book and/or other resources to complete the questions listed below. Be sure to use APA style.
Think of a small company you would like to start. Using this company, include the following components in your finalized submittal and use them as Section Headings for formatting your submittal. Put the Section Headings in BOLD. Then your responses in normal 12 point type size type and write in complete sentences.
1) Provide an introduction of your company. Include your main product and/or service. In what part of the world is your company located? Explain why your company is located there.
2) Describe the form of business ownership you would choose for this company and explain why.
3) Describe how you would use Supply and Demand to determine the products/services your company would provide. Include how this has affected the pricing of your company’s product/service.
4) As the Chief Executive Office of your company: Describe your company’s Strategic Plan. Include a SWOT analysis (list at least three (3) items per section).
5) Describe how you would implement the Management Functions in your company.
6) Describe the process you would use to recruit, hire, and train your employees.
7) Describe how you would approach the marketing mix for your company (the 4 Ps).
8) Describe how you would develop and use the basic accounting statements in your company.

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