Introduction In the example from our campus, I used the yoga class flyer to tie

In the example from our campus, I used the yoga class flyer to tie

In the example from our campus, I used the yoga class flyer to tie the activity back to HP 2030. Here is the flyer for the meditation class
Actions and the analysis again.Initiative:Reduce the proportion of adults with high blood pressure
(HBP) — HDS‑04
Why important: High blood pressure can lead to stroke (1)
Distribution: 1 in 5 young adults has HPB (2)
Links to an external siteDeterminants: HBP can be due to stress (SDoH community-school) , genetics and lifestyle (behavior) such as food choices and exercise. (2) This campaign addresses COMMUNITY (stress at college-SDoH too) and requires a BEHAVIOR change (to do yoga to address stress)
Intervention: Free yoga class on campus to decrease stress.
feasible: Basic meditation free classes! Not too expensive. You would need the university as a partner for space. You would need a yoga teacher. You could possibly use athletics students to do it as internship.
creative: Its fun! Mindfulness is so in style! : ) It’s incentive as it is FREE.
targeted: This is clearly students as it is on campus.
Continue to use your billboard, commercial, pop-up ad, posted class or TV commercial that is health related.
Fill out these categories. You will use this example later sections so keep it on hand.
Initiative: fill in from last time
Why important: fill in from last time
Distribution: fill in from last time
Determinants: fill in from last time
Intervention: Short description and type (surveillance, screening, outreach/teaching, marketing, policy change) Look at the determinants from last week and tell us what determinants your campaign addresses and how it aims to help the problem.
feasible: Is this a massive project or something that could be done on a local level? How much work/funding would this require?
creative: Did it catch your eye? why?
targeted: Who do you think it is directed at and why?
Fill out the above and share your inspiration photo or link.
Here is a billboard I found on the way to LA. I was curious if it was for health or a right to life ad since it said Plan A as a reference to the Plan B pill
What: Billboard that advertises site for HIV prevention.
Initiative: Reduce the number of new HIV infections — HIV‑01 Links to an external site.
Why important:More than 700,000 American lives have been lost to HIV since 1981 (1) It is a communicable disease.
Distribution: Approximately 1.2 million people in the U.S.a have HIV.(1) By race, 40% African American, 28 % white and the rest mixed. For women combined with race the incidence is, black women (1 in 54) and Latinas (1 in 256) than for white women (1 in 941).
Determinants: Behavior-unprotected sex SDoH-if you are below the poverty rate, incidence is 2.4%, above poverty rate is only 0.3% (2) This could be due to many factors known to impact lower SES groups including knowledge, community and health access .
Intervention: This campaign is marketing for the site but also outreach/education since they are giving away condoms and educating.
This campaign aims to change BEHAVIOR by educating on condom use and providing condoms. It addresses the SDoH of poverty by offering free health care access sources on the website,
feasible: There is billboard cost, condoms so not too expensive. The website would require someone to write, host and update it so there would be ongoing costs. It could end up being costly.
creative: Its fun and shocking.
targeted: This is edgy and “in your face” since it is not subtle. It seems fit for younger people. Someone older or more conservative people may not get it or even think it is offensive. It is visible from cars so you would have to drive.
1. to an external site.
Links to an external site.2.…

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