Introduction There are so many ways that we can receive nutrition information: b

There are so many ways that we can receive nutrition information: books, websites, academic journals, social media, peers, family, and more! In this week’s assignment we are going to see how popular health sources stack up against nutrition research articles.
Your Tasks
Task 1- Scroll through your favorite media or online sources
You will search the internet or your social media feeds for a nutrition topic of your choice. The possibilities are endless! Try to choose a source that you use frequently or that others that you know use frequently.
Task 2- Find a research study.
Next, I want you to find a research study that talks about the same topic as the topic you found in Task 1. For example, if you found a YouTube video talking about the keto diet, you will then need to find a research article that also talks about the keto diet.
The following are suggestions for places that you can locate a research study:
Google ScholarIn the Google search engine type in “Google Scholar”. You can then type in the subject that you are interested in learning more about.
Library ResourcesOn the left of your screen you should see “Library Resources”. Click on that, and then click “A-Z Database List”. Click on “All Subjects” and then select “Health” from the drop-down menu. Select any of the provider search engines to find a research study.
The following are requirements for this part of the assignment:
Task 3- Assignment Write-Up
You will then provide the following in a write-up:
What was the main topic that you were exploring? (1 point)
Please provide a link to the video, post, or article. (1 point)
What claims were made in the social media post, video, or web article that you used? (3 points)
Please provide a link to the research study. (1 point)The research study cannot be more than 5 years old. (1 point)
What type of studyLinks to an external site. was conducted? (1 point)
Was the study peer reviewed? (1 point)
What were the findings from the study? (3 points)
How easy or difficult was it for you to understand the content of the study? Explain. (2 points)
How did this information compare to what you found in your social media post, video, or article? (2 points)
What are the benefits and challenges of learning about nutritional principles from nutrition studies compared to other sources (the news, social media, etc.)? (5 points)
Please write answers in complete sentences.

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