THIS IS WHAT THEY WROTE FROM THIS BELOW THEIR THOUGHTS AND SUCH: In the PREPARE/ENRICH training, Dr. Olson discusses couple strengths. There are other ideas however, on what constitutes a couple’s strength. Some texts recommend couples to be alike so that they have their likenesses to lean on in times of stress. Others contend that couple differences diminish the weaknesses of their spouse. How do you approach this idea? Are there evidences in Scripture that support your position?
1.) REPLY BACK TO THIS PERSON: WITH 150WORDS AND TWO RESOURCES The PREPARE/ENRICH is a personalized couple assessment completed on-line that identifies a couple’s strength and growth areas. It is one of the most widely used programs for premarital counseling and premarital education. It is also used for marriage counseling, marriage enrichment, and dating couples considering engagement. In the assessment too, l there are 12 scales, which measure the dimensions like communication, conflict resolution, sexuality and spiritual beliefs etc. The measurement scale is customized according to the issues faced by couples. The couples that scored significantly higher on the inventory had a satisfied married life.
If couples think alike then strength of relationship enhances in the long term. The couples that have similar goals are likely to share their ideas, feelings and love each other. The presence of humor between the couples enhances the strength of relationship and they can lead a happy family life. The counseling should eliminate the disconnection and increase the affection between the couples (Capuzzi & Stauffer, 2015). The presence of spirituality solves most of the relationships issues. Therefore couples who are experiencing relationship issues need to take spiritual training from the professionals. (Nelson, Kirk, Ane, & Serres, 2011). The individual perception and moral commitment had become positive after spiritual counseling. The couples should attend together for counseling sessions or on-line assessment programs under the supervision of counseling professionals. The couples should believe that their relationship issues could be resolved by increasing their spiritual knowledge and counseling. The couples should work together to build the relationship rather than individually participating in the counseling sessions. The customized counseling sessions are implemented for treatment of relationship issues among the couples. Couples who think alike have strong relationship compare to couples that think differently. References
Capuzzi, D., & Stauffer, M. D. (2015). Foundations of Couples, Marriage and Family. NJ: John Wiley & Sons.
Nelson, J. A., Kirk, A. M., Ane, P., & Serres, S. A. (2011). Religious and Spiritual Values and Moral Commitment in Marriage: Untapped Resources in Couples Counseling? Counseling and Values , 55 (2), 228-246.
2.) REPLY BACK TO THIS PERSON: WITH 150WORDS AND TWO RESOURCES AS WELL PLEASE I think that when a couple has differences it changes the weakness of the other spouse. I think this because I see this in my husband and myself all of the time. An example is I am more outgoing and my husband is more introverted. He often times wants to always say no to things when we are asked by people to do things. I on the other hand always want to say yes when we are asked to do things. In this example we balance each other out because we just go to enough functions to have friends but we do not overdo it like we would if we were both very extroverted like I am.
Romans 15:1 says “We who are strong ought to bear with the failings of the weak and not to please ourselves.” (NIV) I love this verse because it shows where someone is weak we ought to help them. This is so true in a marriage, when our partner is weak in an area and we are strong we ought to help them and not to help ourselves, but to truly help them to become more strong in the area that they are currently weak in.
Isaiah 40:29 says “He gives strength to the weary and increases the power of the weak.” (NIV) I think that this verse is applicable as well because it shows that God gives strength to those that are weak. What if God gives us a spouse that is strong in the areas that we are weak and vice versa so that we can help each other and build each other up in the areas that we are lacking in?
Overall, I think that it may be a good thing to marry someone who is strong in the areas that you are weak in. God can use your spouse to strengthen and help you to overcome some of those weaknesses. We are able to learn from our spouse and grow and become stronger because we build off of each other. Reference Holy Bible NIV
3.)THIS IS THE QUESTION SHE IS REPLYING TO BELOW: Do you believe it is ever appropriate to direct a couple in counseling, or do you see counseling as a process of facilitating the unique personal goals of a client? For instance, when it comes to financial counseling with a premarital couple, do you tell them how to manage finances the “right” way, or do you approach this in another manner?
THIS IS HER REPLY TO THE ABOVE QUESTION…NOW I NEED TO REPLY TO HER…IN A 150 WORDS 2 RESOURCES This week’s discussion board asked the question if it is ever appropriate to direct a couple in counseling. While I believe that this highly depends on the couple and the situation, I also believe that as a counselor I have the responsibility to advise the couple if feel that there is eminent danger to their relationship. To me this is similar to the thought that if a particular couple was heading on a path that led to a cliff, would I stop them, or would I let them fall of the cliff because I did not want to interfere with the choice of their path?
In addition as a Christian counselor, I am also strongly concerned with all matters pertaining to the couple’s spiritual well-being. For example, if I was doing pre-marital counseling and my couple was considering moving in together before the wedding, I would feel obligated to advice against this. In this Deal (2012) also asserts that “cohabitation is choosing second best and then wondering why it didn’t work out” (155).
The Bible teaches “Flee fornication. Every sin that a man doeth is without the body; but he that committeth fornication sinneth against his own body” (1 Corinthians 6:18 KJV). Likewise Deal (2012) gives a great example of a couple that chose cohabitation over marriage, wherein sex became the only reason which kept this couple together. He goes on to say that God knows the power of sex and that cohabitation slims down our chances to stay pure before marriage (Deal, 2012). When a couple choses to engages in pre-marital sex, they will also experience a host of emotions, which are attached it because the “sexual relationship will always mirror the larger context of [a person’s] life” (Hawkins, 1991, p. 96). In the terms of marriage these emotions can be managed together. However outside of marriage these feelings can wreak havoc, possible even leading to the dissolving of the relationship.
While not all couples need to be directed in counseling, some do. So would I direct a couple in counseling not to move in together until after their wedding? The answer is: absolutely, one hundred percent, yes!
Deal, R. L. (2012). Dating and the single parent: are you ready to date? talking with your kids, avoiding a big mistake, finding lasting love (p. 43). Minneapolis, Minn.: Bethany House.
Hawkins, R. (1991). Strengthening marital intimacy. (p. 15). Grand Rapids, Mich.: Baker Book House.

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