KINE 101 – Introduction to Kinesiology Career Research PowerPoint & Video Presen

KINE 101 – Introduction to Kinesiology
Career Research PowerPoint & Video Presen

KINE 101 – Introduction to Kinesiology
Career Research PowerPoint & Video Presentation
100 points
This is a 10-minute video presentation addressing a professional career you wish to pursue. The format of the video should contain background information about the field (e.g.. academic/educational requirements, certifications, salary range, etc.), the professional responsibilities, and future challenges le.g., technological changes, incorporation of the Affordable Healthcare Act). Finally, you should provide subjective commentary about the job (e.g., positive and negative aspects) and how you think this job might fit your career goals.
Please be certain that the presentation includes a bibliography citing the sources you used following APA 7 format.
Aside from your opening and concluding sides, each question addressed (See rubric) should have at least one citation as this is a sound practice to avoid plagiarism.
Presentations & Videos must be submitted through Safe Assign on Blackboard. A detailed outline of what is to be included within the paper, in addition to the amount of points each section is worth, is noted below and you may follow it completely or add additional subtopics that you
DUE DATE: Sunday 12/3, by 11:59pm via Blackboard
KINE 101
Title: [student counselor]
1. Slide I – Introduction [5 points]
A. Career you are researching and objective of the paper (5 points)
Slide II – Educational requirements [15 points]
Academic requirements [5 points]
Science courses required for the major 15 points]
The necessity of internships for the major or career 15 points!
Slide III – Certifications or licensure for the career [15 points]
Types and requirements for various certifications or licensure in the field (5 points]
Format of the exam [5 points]
Reputable organizations which provide the certification or licensure [5 points]
Slide IV – Career details [40 points]
Occupations and employment opportunities within the field [5 points]
Common patients/ clients the allied professional works with [5 points]
Common work environments (eg., clinical, private, or commercial (5 points|
How much has the field grown in the last 10 years what is the career future forecast? [5 points]
Number of allied health professionals in the field and where they commonly work. [5 points]
If 3rd party reimbursement is part of the profession, what is its effect? [5 points!
Salaries in the field and opportunities for advancement 15 points|
Positive and negative aspects of the career 15 points]
Slide V – Evolution of the field 15 points!
What cultural, political, and/or social trends have had an effect on the profession? [5 points]
How has the occupation changed in the last 5-10 years? (5 points]
What are 2-3 significant changes that will likely transpire in the next 5-10 years? [5 points]
Slide VI – Conclusion [5 points]A. Summary of the topics you have addressed and reflection on how has researched the field affected your opinion of it as a prospective profession.
Slide VII – References (must have at least four evidence-based references) [5 points]Please follow the APA 7 format for the correct citation format. The following is an example of a journal article and the U.S. Department of Labor.
Paternostro-Bayles, M. Maximizing Your Professional Preparation: Through Clinical Exercise Physiology and Health Fitness Internships. ACSM Health and Fitness Journal 13(2): 35-37, 2009.
U.S. Department of Labor, Bureau of Labor Statistics, Occupational Handbook, 2011-2012.
APA format links: and citation/apa style/apa formatting and style guide/gen eral format.html

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