Leadership Project – Bono or David Hewson from band U2

This project is for my management class – Organizational Theory and Human Behavior. We are asked to pick a person whom we believe is a successful leader. I picked the leader of the band U2 – David Hewson. I have already submitted my choice to the instructor so this project must be about him.
Instructions and requirements needed for this project is UPLOADED with this order. See file attached. PLEASE READ THE INSTRUCTION THOROUGHLY.
Basically, we are asked to identify the attributes or behaviors that make the person a successful leader.
Then we have to make a presentation to the class regarding the person I believe is a good leader.
I will make the PowerPoints for the project. All I need is for the writer to include the write up for the powerpoints in the paper and label or number the slides as 1,2, 3… and so on.
I am required to do 8 to 10 slides.
Leadership Project
Student is expected to complete a project that focuses on attributes of successful leaders:
First, you will select a person you believe is a successful leader.
Second, you should research the background and accomplishments of the leader.
Third, you will be asked to identify the attributes or behaviors that make the person a success.
Finally, you will make a presentation to the class regarding the person you believe is a good leader.
All students will be expected to submit a one-page executive summary of the project (not including references) and make an in-class presentation on the project with PowerPoint slides (8-10 slides).
The executive summary should be accompanied by appendices that consist of
(a) all research materials associated with the project, and
(b) PowerPoint slides used for the project presentation.
The summary and accompanying materials should be submitted in a binder that includes name of student and peer evaluations. See requirements for peer evaluations below.
Presentations will be limited to 15 minutes maximum.
In addition, executive summaries and materials are due on the date of the presentation. The leadership presentations are worth 50 points.
The criteria for grading the project:
(a) identify and diagnose an organizational problem,
(b) display a thorough understanding of the topic, and related research on the topic,
(c) clearly communicate knowledge of the topic to the class and/or client,
(d) provide specific suggestions for improvement,
(e) work effectively in a diverse team to achieve project goals,
(f) write a clear and concise executive summary of the project,
(f) Format APA format and make sure you cite your sources.
Project Peer Evaluations.
Peer evaluations will also be collected and used to determine final grades for the project.

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