LEADERSHIP REPORT Throughout the course, as you have completed your People First

Throughout the course, as you have completed your People First

Throughout the course, as you have completed your People First assignments, you have imagined yourself as a leader within the organization. You have been gathering information and analysis about the organization’s design, culture, staff management, strategic plan, financial management and funding sources, and evaluation. Now, in this Final Project, you must revise and compile your individual assignments into a comprehensive report for the board of directors. You must also add a new section on evaluation, focusing on service effectiveness and employee engagement.
Be sure to review the Learning Resources before completing this activity.
Fritz, J. (2020, May 21). How to talk about nonprofit impact from inputs to outcomesLinks to an external site.. The Balance Small Business. https://www.thebalancesmb.com/inputs-outputs-outco…
University of Kansas Center for Community Health and Development. (n.d.). A framework for program evaluation: A gateway to toolsLinks to an external site.. Community Tool Box. https://ctb.ku.edu/en/table-of-contents/evaluate/e…
Walden University Library. (n.d.). Tests & measuresLinks to an external site.. https://academicguides.waldenu.edu/library/testsme…
Document: Evidence-Based Assessment Tools Download Evidence-Based Assessment Tools(PDF)
Document: Leadership Report Template Download Leadership Report Template(Word document)
Walden University, LLC. (2022). Evaluation and outcomes assessment [Video]. Walden University Canvas. https://waldenu.instructure.com/
Walden University, LLC. (2022). People First San DiegoLinks to an external site. [Interactive media]. Walden University Canvas. https://waldenu.instructure.com/
To prepare:
Download the Leadership Report Template and use it for this Assignment.
Review your submissions for Weeks 3–8 Assignments and any Instructor feedback received.
Revise and polish these submissions, and then place them into the appropriate spot in the Leadership Report Template.
To complete the new section on Evaluation, access the Dashboard on People First San Diego’s website. Look over the Employee Engagement Data. Consider what the evaluation data say about employee engagement and how you might act on the data. Also review this week’s Discussion, where you determined outcomes and a measurement tool for the organization’s therapy services.
Submit an 5- to 7-page report (not including title page or references) in which you analyze the status of the organization in the following sections:
Organizational Design (Week 3 Assignment)
Organizational Culture and Cultural Competency (Week 4 Assignment)
Management and the Role of Human Resources (Week 5 Assignment)
SWOTT Analysis (Week 7 Assignment)
Funding Sources (Week 8 Assignment)
Evaluation (New Section)Service Effectiveness. How would you go about measuring effectiveness of the therapy services offered? What evidence-based tools would you use (2–3 tools) and why? Draw from this week’s Discussion.
Employee Engagement. Based on the information provided, what is employee engagement like and why? What actions will you take based on the data?
Use the Learning Resources and research to support your Assignment. Make sure to provide APA citations and a reference list.
Requirements: Submit an 8- to 10-page report (not including title page or references) | .doc file
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