Leadership Style Assessment: Evaluating the Impact

Leadership Style Assessment: Evaluating the Impact
Being a global change agent does not necessarily mean you are in an executive leadership position, but it does mean you have a particular mind-set. That mind-set is one that you use to remain flexible to change, to develop creative solutions to complex business problems, to manage stress effectively, and to mobilize a culturally diverse team and inspire the team to help achieve organizational objectives. Global change agents must be competent in cross-cultural business practices. Imagine you are a global change agent similar to Janelle in the following scenario. Read the scenario, follow the instructions, and reflect on the results of your assessment.
Janelle is interviewing for a low-level management job, which will require her to supervise a small team of employees. One of the forms Janelle must complete as part of the interview process is a leadership style questionnaire. Janelle wonders what insight her potential employers hope to gain from the results, what insight the results will provide her personally, and how this information will impact her career.
Experiences like Janelle’s are not uncommon. Organizations use leadership style assessments and other such instruments for a variety of reasons. Bookstore shelves and the Internet offer a vast number of resources to help business professionals uncover their leadership styles and develop perspectives for positive and effective change. Given the widespread availability and use of such instruments, global change agents should evaluate the potential impact and usefulness of the assessments and their underlying leadership theories.
Post your evaluation of leadership style assessments, such as the one you just completed, and the leadership style approach. Explain whether you think such assessments and a leadership style approach are useful for providing insight into leadership behavior for global change agents. Explain the potential impact of the use of such assessments for both individual employees and organizations. Also, explain the potential impact of the style approach to leadership for individual change agents and organizations.
Please note that, for each response, you must include a minimum of one appropriately cited scholarly reference

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