Leading and Managing People (Change Management)

Analysis of an organization, focusing upon the structural, cultural, leadership and change management issues associated with any significant change experienced in the recent past (or anticipated in the near future) and to present practical recommendations.
The following should be covered:
A) Background: Identification of management of change situation and the context; this will include only a very brief background to the organization, its product/service, location, employment, business strategy and goals being pursued
B) Analysis and discussion of change management, structure, culture and leadership issues. This is the most important part of the assignment. You will need here to blend in relevant concepts and frameworks.
Sub sections:
A – Change management
B- Culture
C- Leadership
Frameworks, models and diagrams should be used (mandatory).
C) Conclusions and any recommendations for change, improvement and/or learning that follow from your analysis and discussion
Marks will be awarded based on the following:
1) Identification of issues and clear rationale
2) Understanding shown of relevant concepts and literature
3) Quality of analysis, critical reasoning and application
4) Quality of evidence used to back up arguments
5) Integration between themes and through sections
6) Quality of presentation

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