Ling 100 Extra Credit Assignment

Ling 100 Extra Credit Assignment (30 pts.)
In our current unit, we have been discussing how robotic technology and technology in general impacts our everyday lives. We have seen Noel Sharkey warn us of the ethical issues involving personal-care and military robots, and Sherry Turkle has stated her concerns that we rely too much on technology and therefore expect less out of the people in our lives. Judith Newman presents a more positive side to the argument by sharing with us how her autistic son Gus, who has trouble communicating with others, finds a friend in Siri. In her article she mentions a movie called “Her” directed by Spike Jonze in 2014 in which a man named Theodore befriends and has a relationship with his “OS” (a kind of Siri).
If you missed a few assignments throughout the course, had a few too many absences, are looking to boost your grade in general, or if you are simply a person who likes doing extra credit assignments, you have the option of completing this assignment.
To complete this assignment you must: • Watch the movie “Her” o (To my knowledge you can rent it on Amazon, and I’m sure it is available elsewhere. Here is the trailer: • Write an essay response to the movie in no more than 1 page addressing the following questions: o What does Theodore like about Samantha? o Are Theodore’s friends accepting of his relationship with Samantha? o What constitutes an “authentic” relationship? o Do YOU consider Theodore’s relationship with Samantha “authentic”? o Which of our authors would support this relationship? Who would be against this relationship?
Things not to do: • Do not write a summary of the movie • Do not simply tell me whether or not you liked the movie o If you do either of these two things, you will not receive credit for the assignment. o *You may write whether or not you liked the movie at the end of your essay, but you must have already answered the above questions. ^
Due Date: This assignment will be due on the last day of class, May 4th. You may hand in this assignment any time before May 4th, but late assignments will not be accepted.

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