For each question you must correctly identify each crime and state the correct elements of that crime. There are multiple crimes in each question. You must use the correct format to receive credit for your answers. The correct format is as follows: (Name of person) should be charged with: (name of crime you would charge) . The elements of (the crime charged) are: state the elements of the crime you charge. Then move onto the next crime you would charge, state the name of the person, the crime you would charge and the state the elements of that crime. You may only charge the Wisconsin crimes we have covered in class and their elements. A full point will be given for the correct charge and the correct elements. This is not an essay exam. Answers not given in the format above will not receive credit. Only the crimes and elements covered in the final exam review will be on this exam. An example of a correct answer would be : Bob should be charged with Burglary. The elements are: Intentionally entering the premises of another without the owners consent with the intent to steal or commit a felony.
1. Ben decides to retire from his job at the bank. On his last day at the job, after the bank closes, Ben goes into the vault and puts $750.000.00 in his briefcase. As he is walking out the door, one of the other workers at the bank, Mary, tells Ben she saw him take the money from the vault. Ben quickly closes the vault door locking Mary inside. Ben rushes home and gets his luggage and plane ticket to Tahiti and drives to the airport to escape before anyone finds out what he has done. As Ben is driving to the airport he gets a phone call from Jeff, another worker at the bank. Jeff tells Ben he saw him take the money and lock Mary in the vault. Jeff tells Ben that he will call the cops unless Ben gives him $50,000.00 of the stolen money. While Ben is looking down at his phone, he runs a red light and crashes into another car killing the other driver. The police arrive and find the money in Ben′s car and arrest Ben. Ben gives a full confession and Jeff admits to making the call to Ben before the crash. As the district attorney, what crimes would you charge and what are the elements of those crimes?
2. Bob and his wife Pam live with Pam′s mother, Ann. One night, Bob accuses Pam of having an affair with their neighbor Ted. A loud argument ensues. Ann goes upstairs to avoid the commotion and decides to take a bath. She plugs in the radio and turns up the volume to drown out the loud argument and hops in the tub. Pam goes into the bathroom to fix her hair and Bob follows. Ann tells them to get out and pulls the shower curtain closed to get some privacy. As the argument escalates, Bob picks up the radio and throws it at Pam who ducks. The radio hits the wall and falls into the bathtub electrocuting Ann who dies. Pam tells Bob she is calling the police and divorcing him so she can marry Ted. Bob tells Pam,″If you leave me, I′ll kill you″. Bob begins to strangle Pam with the radio cord. Hearing the noise from next door, Ted bursts into the bathroom and shoots Bob in the arm. Bob survives the bullet wound, but Pam dies from the strangulation. As the district attorney, who would you charge with what crimes and what are the elements of those crimes?
3. Tim breaks up with Deb after they had been dating for two years. That night, Deb sees Tim at a restaurant with another woman. Deb walks up to Tim and slaps him on the face and says, ″You′ll pay for this you creep″. Later, Deb goes to Tim′s house and goes to Tim′s backyard workshop where Tim keeps his beloved sports car. Deb sets the workshop on fire. As the fire department is putting out the fire, the workshop collapses killing one of the firefighters. Deb later admits to setting the fire. As district attorney, what crimes would you charge and what are the elements of those crimes?
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