Literary Analysis Essay Description: Literary analysis involves the process of c

Literary Analysis Essay
Description: Literary analysis involves the process of c

Literary Analysis Essay
Description: Literary analysis involves the process of closely examining, interpreting, and critiquing various aspects of a literary work. It delves into themes, symbols, characters, settings, plot structures, and stylistic devices, among other elements, to reveal the deeper meanings and implications conveyed by the author. Furthermore, literary analysis enables us to bridge the gap between personal interpretation and a broader, shared understanding of literature’s richness and diversity. Ultimately, the aim of literary analysis is to illuminate the work’s intrinsic value, convey its societal and philosophical implications, and foster a profound understanding of the author’s intentions and the broader cultural or historical context. You will choose one work of fiction we’ve read thus far and write a short (4-5 page) literary analysis paper. Your job for this paper is to articulate a clear argument (thesis) about the text you’ve chosen and support this argument with evidence from the text.
The text is:
“The Fall of the House of Usher” — Edgar Allan Poe
the full text can be found here…
Guidelines and Grading:
Length: 5 pages, double-spaced, size 12 Times New Roman font, Citiation pages not included
Format: MLA (please see Purdue OWL for guidelines and examples)
Your paper should have and will be graded on the following elements:
– An interesting title that hints at the topic of the essay
– A clear and reasonable thesis statement
– An introduction paragraph that introduces the claim that the writer is making and provides adequate historical context
– Well-organized body paragraphs that use evidence from the text(s) to support the writer’s claims.
– A conclusion paragraph that does not simply restate the introduction paragraph but offers relevant commentary on the text(s) the writer is analyzing.
– Writing that is reasonably clear of spelling errors and grammatical errors
– Smoothly integrated quotations and paraphrase from the text(s) the writer is assessing
– A work cited page in correct MLA format
Also the second part of this project:Creative Component to Paper II (Literary Analysis Essay)
Otherwise Known as the “Choose Your Own Adventure” Assignment
Project Description:
This project will demonstrate the argument that you articulated in your literary analysis essay in a creative format. Remember that your creative work should not simply reproduce or summarize the text that you wrote about—it should articulate your interpretation of or argument about the text.
Components of Project:
Creative work
Artist Statement
Proposal: You will write a short (about 100 words) description of your rough plan for the project. You will remind me which text you wrote about in your literary analysis paper, the argument or interpretation that you made in that paper, and your ideas on what kind of creative project you want to complete. I will give you feedback on this proposal.
Creative Work: This is the actual creative work that you’ll be submitting. See the below guidelines on how to choose a creative medium.
Artist Statement: You will write a 2-page, double-spaced Artist Statement in which you explain the choices that you made for this creative project. Why did you choose the medium that you did? What was your design process like? Explain your choices regarding things like color, image, sound, spacing, word choice, etc. How did these choices work together to communicate your argument/interpretation of the literary text?
Guide to Choosing a Project:
You may choose a media-based or a low-tech medium for interpreting your chosen text. Some of the options below employ a written medium and some employ visual mediums, but all of them, in one way or another, require you to be creative and to use methods other than academic writing. Use this opportunity to apply any skills you already have, or wish to develop further, to the process of literary interpretation and close reading. You may choose any of the options listed below, or come up with your own. Make sure you have a clear focus, specific plan, and narrow topic. It needs to be manageable within the short amount of time you have this semester.
Some digital media options:
Write a series of blog posts in the voice of a character from your text (3 entries or so would be enough, depending on length)
Make a personal or professional website for a character with an “About me” page and related
Make a movie trailer for your chosen text
Make a short film (like something you could upload to youtube, or an independent short for the Sundance Festival)
Digital Storytelling
Mini comic book
Video essay or photo essay
Interactive poster
Audio Essay
Podcast (Think “Freakonomics” and “This American Life”)
Create an interactive, multimedia edition of a text/passage
Digital art
VLOG entry as a character or author
Digital photograph and/or Photoshop project
Any digital art medium is welcome
Note: Many of you hold the technology required for some of these projects in your pockets, literally. You have video, audio, and photo capabilities on your phone. Used carefully and thoughtfully, this is fair game—You don’t have to own a fancy digital camera with special lenses to do this, but if you do own one, and know how, by all means, use it.
Some low-tech options:
Re-write the end of the story (best for longer, narrative texts, rather than poems)
Imitate a poetic form and/or genre (i.e.- medieval alliterative poetry, dream vision, or romance)
Write a prequel or sequel to a story, or fill in a missing part in the middle of a narrative
Parody or satirical re-writing
Re-write a story, changing the setting to a modern context
Poetic response/interpretation to another text
Write a character’s firsthand experiences in diary/journal form
Write a screen-play or play/Broadway/opera adaption of a narrative
Visual reconstruction of a setting in the text
Draw or paint a specific passage from the text
Portraits of characters (1 amazing one, or a series of 2-3 related portraits)
Photography (not snapshots of your friends at lunch, but carefully composed pieces, this can be
digital as well)
Cartoon/comic strip
Music (write and record a song)
Mini graphic novel or comic book
Any fine arts based visual interpretations are acceptable here
The proposal is a brainstorming assignment—you will get full credit if you pass it in on time and answer the questions.
For your creative project, I will pay special attention to execution, thoughtfulness, interpretation/argument, and evidence (which can be laid out in the Artist Statement). The thoughtfulness and interpretation will weigh most heavily. However, in large part, this project is about the learning experience of responding to and thinking critically about literature in new mediums. Occasionally, I have had students develop a great plan and work really hard on it, only to have it not turn out exactly as they thought (sometimes this can lead to great results anyways!). Because of the sometimes-unpredictable nature of creative and also digital work, effort does matter a great deal for this assignment. Unlike your traditional essays, which can be evaluated on stricter criteria that don’t necessarily involve the amount the effort you put into the assignment, this project demands a different approach.
Your Artist Statement will be graded on the quality and detail of your justification of your creative choices. By reading your Artist Statement, I should be able to understand why you chose the medium that you did, why you made the design choices that you did, and how those design choices affected your communication of your argument.
Last comment “I appreciate you getting this in early, but I do wish you had consulted with me beforehand. My main concern about this essay is that it’s a rhetorical analysis essay, not a literary analysis essay. I strongly suggest that you re-do this essay so that it follows the assignment requirements.
“”My main concern about this essay is that it’s a rhetorical analysis essay, not a literary analysis essay. I strongly suggest that you re-do this essay so that it follows the assignment requirements. ” This comment was about the same paper but with different book
I put this comment because I need you pay attention to each part. Please I need a polished paper, very professional, with good grammar. I need strong paragraphs with clear ideas

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