literary biography

-6-8 pages / MLA documentation Works Cited page; 3-10 different sources
-Don’t forget to use in-text (parenthetical citations if you are summarizing or paraphrasing from
another source and QUOTE when are copying word for word!!
Please integrate the following into an interesting, insightful and effective research paper
that handles the elements of skilful critical analysis and creative composition
1. Who is this author; why are you interested in his or her work? What sparked your curiosity
about this person’s life? Describe why you like this writer and refer to at least
one piece (but two or three is better) that you find exemplary.
2. What were some significant events in this writer’s life?
(family, education, travel opportunities, losses and successes)
3. Who served as important literary or spiritual mentors? How was your literary hero influenced
by this person or other groups of people or social /artistic movements?
4. Are you able to determine or research some historical, political,social or cultural events that
occurred during the time of this writer’s literary output that influenced or affected his/her
concerns. Consider that context , when and where the author wrote.
5. Any other information that you find compelling or intriguing
(awards, “day-jobs”, work made into movies, etc.)
6. Conclude wth personal reflections after you’ve completed this project.
(while some of these site say “poetry” they will likely link to writers of other genres)
Electronic Poetry Center
American Academy of Arts and Letters

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