Lucia is a woman of color from a very diverse multicultural background. Her Vie

Lucia is a woman of color from a very diverse multicultural background. Her Vie

Lucia is a woman of color from a very diverse multicultural background. Her Vietnamize maternal grandmother married her black grandfather, a Vietnam Veteran, after the Vietnam war. On her father’s side her grandfather descended from a colony of Volga River Germans who emigrated from Russia to the northwest of the United States in the late 1800’s. Her paternal grandmother was born in the Philipines, but relocated to the United States at the age of 17 with her family. Lucia’s mother, and to a lesser degree, her father was strongly influenced by their Asian and Filipino heritage and passed on many cultural elements. Lucia self-identifies as mixed-race Asian-American, but hates to be stereotyped because her racial identity, especially the complex racial mix and differences between Asian and Filipino culture are not easily explained.
Lucia was an outstanding student in high school and was awarded a scholarship to study Mechanical Engineering at a state university with an excellent engineering program. She was doing well and almost finished with her junior year when she was injured in a car accident that profoundly impacted her physical and mental health. Returning from a party as a passenger with some other students late at night, the impaired driver failed to negotiate a curve, flew off the road and rolled the car before it impacted a tree. Her best friend was killed and she suffered a broken back, multiple arm fractures, and a very mild head injury. Emotionally, she was devastated with survivor’s guilt, moved back in with her parents after a month long hospital stay, and withdrew to drinking when her boyfriend broke it off with her. Her boyfriend “….couldn’t handle my injuries”. Her parents finally convinced her to participate in in-patient substance abuse treatment and she has made significant recovery, now discharged to weekly follow up with AA. Her arm recovery is 95%, but she now suffers from (so far untreatable) chronic back pain that at times is debilitating. On discharge, her in-patient psychologist referred her to you for mental health support (residuals of PTSD and Major Depressive Disorder) and vocational rehabilitation (State VR program) to consider services to reach a suitable employment outcome. Her primary care doctor has released her to participate in vocational rehabilitation, but she feels adrift with little motivation to resume college and questions her degree choice and her ability to continue studying or to work successfully.
Given the scenario above, you are to assume the professional role of either a mental health counselor or vocational rehabilitation counselor and work with the client on a treatment or vocational rehabilitation plan in coordination with your unselected role. If you assume the role of a mental health counselor you will refer to VR and include collaborative elements of VR services into your treatment. If you construct your essay on the role of a VR counselor you will refer to a mental health counselor and develop a vocational rehabilitation plan which will include supportive mental health elements, reflecting collaboration with a mental health provider.
Your final report will include the following with a maximum possible 60 points:
Additional information you would gather at the intake meeting beyond what is provided in the scenario (5 points)
A descriiption of your next steps, following the intake meeting (5 points)
Your agency’s eligibility criteria and whether Lucia meets them (5 points)
Any assessments and referrals you may recommend or provide, including how you would ensure access (5 points)
A descriiption of how the information given about her race/cultural background might inform your plan development. What questions would you ask to assess her unique needs from a multi-cultural perspective? (10 points)
A proposed treatment plan with services, interventions, and outcome criteria (10 points)
How you would document progress and address follow-through (5 points)
How would you resolve any ethical dilemmas and considerations? (5 points)
9. Include at least 2 properly formatted APA references that support elements in your discussion (examples might be selection of an intervention or assessment, disability limitations, possible cultural implications). Develop your writing with proper spelling, punctuation and grammar. References and quality elements (10 points)
Grading Rubric (updated 9/29/2023)
Max pts
Self Score
Case Scenario Report Content:
(50 points maximum)
Minimum 2 references
Includes content in all required areas
Great organization

Professional, articulate, well flowing writing

Includes all content areas but weak in 1 or more
Satisfactory organization
Cumbersome, disjointed writing in some areas

Absent or off-topic content in 1 or more areas
Poor organization
Confusing or unreadable writing


Spelling, Punctuation, Grammar, APA format, including reference format with 2 or more references
(10 Points Maximum)
No more than 1 error
2 to 3 errors
7 to 10 errors
(Maximum deficient point deduction: 10 pts)



Assignment Due: Monday November 20th at 8AM PST.

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