Main points required in the essay by the university: * Essays should be no long

Main points required in the essay by the university:
* Essays should be no longer than three pages in length.
* The application essay should include the following:
– Your interest and purpose in pursuing the MA in Conflict Resolution and Mediation.
– How the program fits into your overall professional growth
– How you will contribute to the program and class dynamics
– The added value you will bring to the student body
– Your leadership and creativity skills
Main Points that I want to include in the Personal Essay:
– I am Ukrainian but also half Russian, growing up in Ukraine as a child I faced situations of discrimination and bulling in School because my Russian last name.
– My grandmother Yevdokiya (Eva) was a role model for me, I was always around her since childhood however I only understood not long time ago that this person was making impact on me by finding solutions and different ways to compromise in any (conflict) situation. I realised that I have a proven example in my life library. She went through WWII and survived the great famine in 1932-33 being a 7 years old child. She showcasted love to every person, she was wise and a great example of how we need to live life despite circumstances and events.
– As I grew up I felt an ongoing urge to learn more about different thoughts and cultures to try understanding why people fight and disagree, and how we can bring these different point of views closer.
– That’s why my first job was at an Embassy, I enjoyed learning and understanding more about the Hungarian culture, working in the Hungarian embassy was my first step in exploring different views and thoughts.
– For my next job I decided to trade an office job for an airport job to get exposed to more people with different thoughts and ideas.
– This becomes a pattern as my next jobs were in Dubai, then on Cruise ships, then working for a Miami based company, this expanded my horizons on living and dealing with multicultural environments.
– What really ignited my interest in this program is what happened in February 2022, it was my first direct experience with war, I woke up on the sounds of bombings and explosions and had to flee the country with only my backpack collecting the most valuable items and documents that I have. This experience was unique and made me question what ways and methods are there that could have prevented war from happening, what could have been done to avoid this conflict from escalating.
– I managed to move and live in a safe country, but then the October 7th events happened in Israel, and as someone who identifies as Jewish I felt that it is my duty to try to help in anyway, by clarifying our perspective on the situation and by trying to understand what are the main reasons behind all these conflicts and misunderstandings happening in the World. As someone who lived and worked with people from different cultures and backgrounds, I’m confident that there is always a way to find common grounds and to move forward without using violence.
– I believe that my previous education having a BA degree and a MA of art degree combined with my own personal experiences with conflicts and having to flee a war will help me to be an active student and contributor who can bring valuable fresh and original ideas to the class. This program will also help me grow on a personal level, by equipping me with a deeper understanding on why conflicts happen and how they can be handled peacefully. On a career level I have passion for this field and will be exploring job opportunities in addition to my interest in a second Masters year to complete a Thesis.

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