marketing management 500

COURSE DESCRIPTION Applies the major elements of the marketing process including domestic and foreign market assessment, strategic planning, and the development of an effective marketing mix (product, price, promotion, and distribution) to create customer value. Analyzes key marketing concepts, such as consumer / business buying behavior, market research, brand management, product development, pricing strategies, and the design of marketing channels (promotion and distribution). Examines the integration of marketing with other functions in a business organization. INSTRUCTIONAL MATERIALS Required Resources Iacobucci, D. (2014). MM4: Marketing management (4th ed.). Mason, OH: South-Western Cengage Learning.
Case Pack MKT500: Marketing Management. Ann Arbor, MI: XanEdu. Supplemental Resources MBA Primer Note: The MBA Primer is designed to help students with little or no educational background in business to prepare for the rigors of an MBA program. The MBA Primer is also a useful tool for students who have the business background but might need a refresher. It is a way to help you prepare for the types of activities and concepts that will be covered in the MBA program, so you can feel more comfortable and confident as you progress into higher level courses. Students are emailed an access code for this product when they purchase MBA Primer from the Strayer Bookstore, accessible through iCampus.
COURSE LEARNING OUTCOMES 1. Analyze the marketing framework including the concepts of the 5Cs, STP, and 4Ps. 2. Develop strategies to assess performance and achieve marketing goals. 3. Create an effective marketing plan. 4. Examine the marketing science of customer behavior and products in the marketing exchange process and create dynamic strategies for competing. 5. Evaluate the basis for market segmentation and approaches to segmentation. 6. Evaluate target customer segments and positioning products within these segments. 7. Develop branding strategies for existing and new products. 8. Develop pricing strategies and distribution channels for products. 9. Analyze integrated marketing communications and its relationship to advertising strategy. 10. Evaluate marketing research tools involved in the marketing process. 11. Use technology and information resources to research issues in marketing management. 12. Write clearly and concisely about marketing management using proper writing mechanics.
WEEKLY COURSE SCHEDULE The standard requirement for a 4.5 credit hour course is for students to spend 13.5 hours in weekly work. This includes preparation, activities, and evaluation regardless of delivery mode. Week Preparation, Activities, and Evaluation Points 1 Preparation • Reading o Chapter 1: Why is Marketing Management Important? o Chapter 17: Marketing Plans • Scenario: The 4Ps of Marketing Activities • Discussion Evaluation • None
2 Preparation • Reading(s) o Chapter 2: Customer Behavior o Chapter 3: Segmentation • Scenario: How Do Cultural Differences Affect Consumers’ Behavior? • Case Study: The Tata Nano: The People’s Car (A) Activities • Discussion Evaluation • None
20 3 Preparation • Reading(s) o Chapter 4: Targeting o Chapter 5: Positioning Activities • Discussion Evaluation • None

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