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As important as it is to survey a whole range of concepts in brief, it is also very important to focus on one specific issue in depth and to understand it well. Each student in the class will select a topic in Project Management and will write a 10-page, APA-style research paper. Papers will require a minimum of three sources, and two of the three sources can be interviews with professionals in the industry. The topic of this paper can be anything related to project management, such as project management methodologies, portfolio management, organizational project governance, various topics in project planning and business analysis, project procurement, stakeholder engagement, the triple constraint, work breakdown structures, project time and cost estimation, project schedules, project health and key performance indicators, project budget tracking, qualities of effective project managers, project phases, project quality management, project risk management, and other topics. Your term paper can be one of two types:
A focused survey of the project management literature in a narrow area of research. The specific topics covered in the text, class lecture, and presentations can serve as the source for ideas on a topic.
A comparison of your organization project management activities with the activities suggested in the class/text. The questions below might be helpful in getting you started on the paper. Assess:
How does your organization ensure that projects support organizational strategy?
How does your organization select and prioritize projects?
How does your organization assign scarce human resources to projects?
What policies, processes and procedures are in place for project management?
What tools does your organization use to manage projects?
How does the current organizational structure support management of projects?
What processes are in place for managing project teams? What reward systems are in place?
How are project managers managed and rewarded?
What processes are in place to ensure projects are audited and organizational learning takes place?
To what extent do “drop in projects” – projects that circumvent established processes to go active immediately – derail your organization’s ability to deliver projects overall?

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