MHR 300 – ORGANIZATIONAL BEHAVIOUR ASSIGNMENT # 2 NAME OF STUDENT ________________________________

NAME OF STUDENT ________________________________
Bill Gates developed an idea that has grown to become the Microsoft Corporation of today. It is now celebrating its 25th anniversary. This corporation has become the leader in the technology age of today’s global marketplace. With a focus on innovative technology, Microsoft is poised for meeting and exceeding the future needs of its customers.
Explore the information found on this Website.
How do you perceive communication is being utilized by this organization?
Does Microsoft demonstrate the benefits of effective communication? How?
Your course material identifies communication strategies of leading companies. Are any of these strategies evident at Microsoft? Explain.
Identify ways in which Microsoft may further improve its communications both internally and externally.
Prepare a short report identifying and discussing your findings. Your report should not be less than 4 – 6 pages long.
Good luck!

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