Modern Middle Eastern history & politics For your essay assignment, you’re taske

Modern Middle Eastern history & politics
For your essay assignment, you’re tasked with connecting a current news story from the Middle East to concepts or topics discussed in Mehran Kamrava’s “The Modern Middle East.” Here’s a step-by-step guide to help you approach this task effectively:
1. **Select a Current News Story**: First, choose a news story that interests you from one of the suggested news sources. Since the assignment requires a current news story, ensure it’s recent and relevant to the topics covered in Kamrava’s book.
2. **Summarize the News Story**: Write a concise summary of the article in your own words. Focus on the main events, the key players involved, and the issues at stake. Keep this summary to no more than one paragraph, as per the assignment instructions.
3. **Identify Relevant Concepts from Kamrava’s Text**: Reflect on the news story you’ve chosen and identify which concepts or topics from Kamrava’s “The Modern Middle East” could be applied to understand the story better. This could involve themes like state formation, the role of religion in politics, regional conflicts, or the impact of colonialism, among others.
4. **Write an Analytical Response**: Now, write an analytical response that connects the news story with the Kamrava text. Here, you should not just describe the connection but analyze how the concept or topic from Kamrava’s book helps to provide a deeper understanding of the current issue. Discuss the implications of this connection, and if applicable, suggest what the concept from Kamrava’s book reveals about potential future developments or solutions.
5. **Frequent References to Kamrava’s Text**: Make sure your essay frequently refers to Kamrava’s text to support your analysis. Use direct quotes where applicable and explain how these quotes relate to the news story you’ve chosen.
6. **Provide Full Title and Source of the News Article**: At the beginning or end of your essay, mention the full title of the news article you selected and its source. This is crucial for the completeness of your assignment.
7. **Review and Revise Your Essay**: Before submitting, review your essay to ensure it is well-organized, clear, and concise. Check for any grammatical errors or unclear sentences. Ensure your argument flows logically and that you’ve adequately connected the news story to Kamrava’s text.
8. **Format and Submission**: Format your essay according to the assignment instructions—2-3 typed, double-spaced pages—and submit it to Canvas by the deadline.
This assignment challenges you to apply academic concepts to current events, developing your analytical skills and deepening your understanding of Middle Eastern politics and history. Good luck

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