My research paper is about between substance abuse and personality disorders and

My research paper is about between substance abuse and personality disorders and the willingness to do treatment.
Introduction: Write a brief introduction to your methods section. In this section, briefly introduce your topic, variables, and research question(s). For each research question, you must include a null and alternative hypothesis. This section of your paper should be four to six sentences.
Participants: Write a paragraph describing your participants. This section should include the number of participants, the required characteristics of the participants, and a clear plan on how you will recruit the participants for your study. This section should be one to two paragraphs.
Materials: Write a paragraph describing the materials (surveys, classrooms, tests) you need to accomplish your study. This section needs to address each of your variables. It is recommended that you write one paragraph per variable in your study. Each paragraph will describe how the variable is operationalized and materials needed to measure it in your study. You must be specific. If you are using a survey, you must list the name of the survey and cite it. If you are creating groups, you must describe your exact method for accomplishing this. Reliability and validity information must be included for each measure (e.g., Cronbach’s alpha, interrater reliability, test-retest reliability). Reminder: You cannot create your own surveys/questionnaires in this assignment. You must use a valid and reliable measure and cite it.
Procedure: Write a paragraph describing the step-by-step process one must follow to collect data for your study. If you are assigning groups, you must detail that process. If you are administering surveys, you must describe how/where participants are receiving the surveys. This section must also describe how and when participants will give their informed consent in the process. This section will vary based on study complexity, but should range between, one to three paragraphs.

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