Nursing undergraduate 2nd year,250 words per page and 2500 words for the assignment

 the purpose of this assessment is to explore commom health problem children and adolescents and to examine it from health promotion perspective. it also requires to situate the nurse with in this strategy. subject: Decreasing rates immunisation 1) explain why it is a current issue and why the government has made it a target area to address. 2)Examine the current government health strategy in relation to the chosen( Decreasing rates immunisation) and identify target audience, describe the strategy, explain the purpose of this strategy,identify any enablers or barriers to the success of the strategy. 3)outline the role of the nurse in relation to the implemetation of this strategy

formatting the assignment type using 11 point arial margins, right and
left at 2.5cm for electonic submission
left at 4cm and right at 2.5cm for hard copy
Align text left
1,5 line spacing needs a footer in the assignment
last is theres a references for every paragrph.

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