oral powerpoint presentation

Description: Each student is required to complete two presentations with voice narration on the special topic of that week. Each presentation is worth 40 points for a total of 80 points of the final score. Instructions: You are required to use PowerPoint in a computer with a digital camera with voice recorder or a voice recorder by itself. Very importantly, you are required to record your own voice. When recording your presentation, please pretend that you are presenting to an audience. This means that you should not read the slide but PRESENT the information found on your slides. The slides should be succinct and comprehensive and include pictures and/or videos in addition to the text. Each presentation will follow this general content: Cover Slide Content Slides References Slide You should have at least 4 slides comprehensive slides (not including the cover and reference slides). The presentation should be at least 4 minutes but no longer than 10 minutes. My TA and I will stop grading at the 10 minutes mark. Please Google and/or YouTube “voice over power point” for more instructions on how to record your voice in a PowerPoint presentation.