Our Analytical Report Each student is expected to take the role of a consultant

Our Analytical Report
Each student is expected to take the role of a consultant

Our Analytical Report
Each student is expected to take the role of a consultant in his/her field of science.
Students are expected to focus on finding solutions for major technical problems. These solutions can present new trends in technology and science. For example, you can discuss how three D printers or any different types of artificial intelligence can be utilized in construction, medicine or any other field. A school for the blind might want advice on how they can utilize IT to facilitate communication amongst the blind and between the blind and the rest of society. A semiconductor manufacturer might have CPU overheating problems and want research-based professional advice on how to solve this problem. Examples abound!
The report must be scholarly and original. The student must demonstrate sound understanding of the format of a technical report, knowledge of purpose and audience, fluency of linguistic expression, and good technical know-how.
Any delay in the submission of tasks or failure to follow up on teacher’s feedback will result in the loss of points.
All submissions must have a title and date stated on the cover page.
Students are expected to email me their topics by Thursday 14/09/2023, submit a copy of their first draft via Safe Assign no later than Thursday 12/10/2023. Students are also requested to submit their final draft on Tuesday 14/11/2023(via SafeAssign)
For your paper:
Font: Times New Roman
Spacing: Double space ALL YOUR PAGES
Margins: DO NOT CHANGE the margins in Word. Keep the margins standard and identical on ALL PAGES of your project
Font Size: 12
Word Count: Your project will be 500 words for each student. For Example, a group of three would write 1500 words.
The Front Matter
Page 1: Cover page
This page contains
– The title of your project
– Your name and the names of your group members
– University name
Please follow the same order.
Page 1: Cover page in APA
Create a special running head for this page.
Running head ( title in all capital letters + page number ( left hand side)
Page 2: The table of contents (Centered, not bolded)
Running head appears only as the title all in capital + page number (left hand side corner) just as in the rest of the research paper.
Page 3: List of figures and graphs (optional) (Centered, not bolded)
This page follows the same format as the table of contents. However, it does not include the subheadings in your paper. It rather includes the list of tables and graphs in your report and the corresponding page on which they can be found.
Page 4: Abstract (Centered, not bolded). Do Not Indent)
An abstract is a one paragraph made up of a couple of sentences copied and pasted from each section of your technical report.
Use the same language and the same organization as your technical report
Make sure the abstract is BRIEF. If you write more than half a page, it means you wrote too much.
The Report Proper :
These sections will contain the actual write up of your research findings. Here are some important tips
Introduction: (Centered, not bolded)
Center your title on the page; don’t use boldface type or underlining with the title. In APA papers, the title usually replaces the heading “Introduction”. In the introduction, cover the following sections.
Move 1: Define the subject and mention your research question
Move 2: State the purpose
Move 3: State the main point
Move 4: Stress the importance
Move 5: Offer background information
Move 6: Forecast the organization
2.Literature Review (Optional): Centered, boldface
3.Methodology: Centered, boldface
Mention the types of sources you used.
4.Results and discussion of results: Centered, boldface
Summarize the results of the study
Make an obvious transition
Opening – summarize major results
Devote at least one paragraph to each of the major results.
5.Conclusion and Recommendations: Centered, boldface
State the recommendations
Re-emphasize importance of study
Create an action plan
Look to the future
6.The End Matter
References: Centered, not bolded
General Guidelines
Makesure to use IN TEXT citations
Makesure to include ONE GRAPH at least on each page and not more.
Make sure to use information from a variety of sources (notless than 3).
Remember the following sections are not headings, and that is why we do not use boldface
Submission Content
(Topic) role of analytical CRM tools in digital marketing

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