Our assignment this week allows us to see our weekly objectives being applied in

Our assignment this week allows us to see our weekly objectives being applied in “real time”!
Step 1: Choose 2 different avenues within the internet which you currently utilize on a regular basis. This could include social media (i.e. Facebook, Instagram, etc.), a standard search tool within your preferred browser (i.e. Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc.), or specific stores, restaurants, or subscriiptions to specific sites.
Step 2: Utilizing the 2 avenues chosen from step 1, address the following:
· Search a basic topic(s) in both avenues that interests you. This could be searching a social media site for a specific location, group, or service needed; a search through the internet about a topic you would like to know more about; or searching a specific item within one of your subscribed stores/restaurants/subscriiptions.
· Make note of any ads/pop-ups that you see throughout your two different searches.
· WAIT at least one day, and connect back into your social media site, specific locations in which you performed the initial search AND your personal email. Make note of any NEW ads/pop-ups you see that were not delivered to you within your initial search. Look in your spam/junk emails and note how many of those emails delivered AFTER the initial searches connect with the topic you searched.
Step 3: Present your findings with the class! ***( will need a transcriipt to perform this)++ This presentation can be in the form of a PowerPoint with voice-over, or a speech delivered through video (YouTube). Within your presentation, please be sure to maintain individual privacy while sharing the following results:
· Which two avenues were utilized to perform your searches? What topic(s) was/were searched?
· As you read through material provided from your searches, what type of ads/pop-ups did you see within both avenues used for your searches? Did it make a difference if you were searching from your cell phone, tablet, or computer?
· After your waiting period from the initial searches, what ads/pop-ups/emails did you see that were directly related to your searches? Were those ads/pop-ups/emails different than the ones recognized initially? Did they originate from the same entity (companies/websites), or were there additional entities (companies/websites) included after that wait period?
· Share how you recognized the application of “nudging” applied after your searches. Did those “nudges” entice you to continue your search/make additional choices or purchases? Did you ever feel your privacy was violated after recognizing how the algorithms and “nudges” were related directly to your original searches? Explain why you feel this way.
· Suggest in your own opinion how the current laws/regulations regarding the application of these algorithms should be changed (or should they?) to maintain our individual privacy over the internet.

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