PART 1– Please answer all questions below based on reading and multimedia source

Please answer all questions below based on reading and multimedia source

Please answer all questions below based on reading and multimedia sources. Be thorough and use complete sentences. If you use outside information different from what is provided this week, please give a reference or content link.
Define:Solid waste
Source reduction
What are the advantages and disadvantages of:Landfilling
Describe the difference between solid waste and hazardous waste.
Using the diagram below, describe what each section of the landfill represents based on the letter.
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Submit a written discussion and two responses to peers for points in this assignment.
During this discussion, please choose oneof the questions below and respond. Responses should be well thought out, developing your ideas clearly. Please use proper grammar and spelling. Your response is due on Thursday, and your replies to classmates are due Sunday.
Research and discuss alternatives to single-use plastic. What are some that you know of? How do you feel about using single-use plastics? Additionally, contrast the impacts that these alternatives may have on the environment, as the world exploits this new resource.
Landfills have the potential to leak toxic chemicals and gasses into the environment. They can also cause unpleasant odors and vector issues from birds and pests. The Miramar landfill is set to close soon, as it is quickly filling. Provide insight into where the new landfill should be located in San Diego. Explain why you want it there and what negative impacts you think it might have.
Research landfill methods and provide a summary of one that you found. Discuss the pros and cons of this specific method. Optional: Post diagrams or pictures to help explain how it works.
Weekly Reflections: After completing the weekly assignments you will provide a reflection of your week’s learning process. This should include your personal thoughts on the information you learned, any complications or positive aspects of your learning experience. Elaborate on areas that you need to improve and things that led to your success. Grading will be based on the thoroughness of your responses and depth of your reflection, and spelling and grammar.

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