Part 1 – This portion is formal, and must be written using APA 7th ed style and

Part 1 – This portion is formal, and must be written using APA 7th ed style and formatting.
This is a formal paper regarding your professional experience of the Student Led Discussion Post Group Project. You are required to provide the following information:
A history of the theorist and theory. Each student should write about one of the theories (for example if you are in in week 7, one person should focus on Solution-focused and the other on the Narrative Model).
Part 2 – Does not require APA 7th ed, although if needed feel free to discuss
Provide insight into the way in which the group composed the use of the theory in the discussion post; the reason for wanting to use an article, the question for the class, etc. What was the significance of leading the discussion to help understand the theory model regarding its approach to substance abuse
What did you like and what would you have changed as a group?
Remember, this is a group written assignment, so consider splitting up the work, and submit it your first part and the second part in your Turnitin respectively. For example, Zack is working on Solution-Focused and Amy is working on Narrative. Zack will submit his section on Solution Focused and Part 2 to Turnitin , Amy will do the same for Narrative respectively.
There is no need for an abstract. There is no need for the conclusion to be on a separate page. Your paper should include:
title page – the title of the paper, name, course, school affiliation, professor name
double-spaced (entire paper, just once)
in-text citations
reference section
A total of 6-8 pages
Minimum of 6 references (no older than 2019)
Avoid Plagiarism (taking credit for a work you did not do).
No more than 25% match will be accepted. (is will vastly be based on how the group divides the work).
Be sure to proofread before submitting.
Label the paper as follows: last name.firstname_HUS4442 before submitting to “Turnitin Week 7.”

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