Performance Management Audit

Minor Project 1 is a Performance Management Audit. Locate a business near where you live that is willing to let you conduct a Performance Management Audit. Use the material from units 1 and 2 of the textbook.
Learn if the business has a performance management system — formal or informal.
Find out form senior managers how performance is measured.
Interview an employee about the employee’s experience with the business’ performance management system.
Evaluate performance measures for validity and reliability.
Evaluate performance feedback loops for frequency, accuracy, and helpfulness to the employee.
Evaluate motivation/reward systems in use to encourage performance.
Write your findings in a business memo format (MSWord has templates for memos) written to the senior management of the firm. You should be able to do this in a maximum of three pages single-spaced.
You have done the requisite reading for this project. A three-page single-spaced memo is about 1500 words. If you type at 30 words a minute this should take you just less than 1 hour to type. If you type 15 words a minute this should take you just less than 2 hours to type. This leaves you nine hours to interview people in the business and formulate your presentation of the facts/findings/interpretations in the memo. Thus you should plan no more than five hours in the business interviewing people.