Personal Leadership Development Plan

Your Personal Leadership Development Plan should be a minimum of 7 – 8 pages, with a separate Title page and Reference page not included in the page count. It should have a minimum of five citations – these must be new primary sources in addition to the Kouzes and Posner text. Your personal Strengths Finder action-planning guide resulting from your assessment should form the framework for your Leadership Development Plan.
The books used for weekly reviews are fine to use as citations, as well as the videos. Since it is your development plan, you are free to use the first person. Start the paper with an introduction that includes your personal leadership philosophy statement. Include your vision of your leadership future. Which leadership style resonates most with you and would you say defines you? What types of leadership roles do you see yourself choosing to take and how will your leadership style inform your decision?
Take the information that you have gained in this course and reflect on your strengths as a leader today. Also consider where you can improve and where you might have some weaknesses. Take that reflective information and construct a Personal Leadership Development Plan, referencing StrengthsFinder, some of the Five Practices and Ten Commitments, and the 7 Lenses that most resonate with you. What steps can you take to improve in certain areas, what strengths can you build on and how? Remember that leadership takes practice. How can you put yourself in leadership situations where you can practice and grow?
This plan should provide specific steps that you can take to improve in areas of leadership that you have identified as needing improvement or growth. Conclude your plan with a Conclusions section, summarizing the development plan and how you will use it. attached is part of the paper I started writing to get an idea of some of information about my current leadership style.