you have an individual assignment that requires you write a PICO question. As you can imagine, a PICO question needs to follow a very specific format. The P is the population – specifically, the population the intervention is aimed at (the I in the PICO) the the population who needs to achieve the outcome (the O in PICO). The I – the intervention – needs to be specific so the reader knows exactly what is meant. This means you can’t use words like ‘bundle’ or ‘education’ without specifying what is included in the bundle or what type of education is to be performed. The C is the other choice – if you don’t do the I you’ll do the C. The C may be nothing – we’re either going to do the intervention or we’re going to do what we’re currently doing. The O – the outcome – needs to be measurable and objective. “X will be better” is neither objective nor measurable – how will you measure better?
Now, with this quick run down of a PICO, I will be happy to review your PICO and make suggestions for improvement. Students who participate in this discussion generally earn all 100 points for this assignment. Just reply to this post and write your components of the PICO, then write out the question. Please don’t attach a Word document – put your PICO in the post. If you’re shy about sharing with the class, I’m okay with posts to the individual forum but I think we all learn when we study together so I prefer to post here. Your reply post should look like this:
P- tell me your population/person
I – tell me your intervention
C – tell me your comparison/alternate intervention
O – tell me your outcome
Then write out the question here using this kind of format: Will P receiving I versus C demonstrate O?