Please answer one of the following questions in essay format. Your answers will

Please answer one of the following questions in essay format. Your answers will need to be typed, double spaced, Times New Roman 12pt Font, with 1 inch margins. In addition, you will need to cite from the lecture, your textbook, and readings using footnotes in Turabian style, consult to an external site. for more assistance). Ideally, the entire part of your exam should be 4-6 pages. The Textbook is Give Me Liberty An American History Since 1865, Seventh Brief Edition, Authors: Eric Foner, Kathleen DuVal, Lisa McGirr
Discuss the United States’ views towards the Cold War. What started the war? What made both the Soviet Union and United States fear war? In domestic politics, how did the United States view communists and suspected subversion? What was American foreign policy during this time? Did the Cold War ever go “hot”? When, and what happened? Trace your answer from 1945 to a least 1975.
­­­Discuss the Civil Rights Movement, from the end of the Second World War through at least 1968. What were the critical events? Discuss the events of the era, the successes and failures of the movement, and to what extent the government aided in the era. By 1968, what had changed? In addition, what do the 1965 Alabama Literacy Test and the 1957 film Crisis in Levittown tell us about racial issues of American society in both the North and South during the Era?
Discuss the war in Vietnam, approx. 1965-1973. How did American involvement begin? How did it end? Examine the American conduct in the war, and how it shaped American society. Be as specific as possible in detailing our role in the war. When did the war turn? What was the ultimate result of the conflict?

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