Police/Law Enforcement Career Exploration

Police/Law Enforcement Career Exploration
this is is a 2-Part Assignment
1.  Research 3 different job announcements on specific police/law enforcement website or an employment website such as Monster. If you have no employment interest in a specific type of police agency, look at one each a federal, state, and local (sheriff or city).  For each Identify:
• Job Title
• Job Location
• Identify educational requirements
• Identify training and certifications
• Identify experience requirements u
• Identify skills
• Identify any talent requirements
• Salary/Benefits
2.  Then…Submit a 2 (minimum) page paper, explaining how the findings from these three different career investigations relate to each other and also to personal preferences and priorities (interests, preferred environments, skills and work-related values).
So in total for this assignment you should have demographic data for three different policing jobs, and then a two-page minimum narrative of each type of policing job and the Relationships/differences of each law enforcement job, and your thoughts.

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